Printer, Copier and Computer Maintenance

TEKTONER isn’t just your emergency copy machine repair service when its spewing smoke, we also offer regular maintenance. Allow us to clean and inspect all your copiers and printers throughout the year to avoid emergencies. We identify malfunctions before they become complete breakdowns. In fact, with our routine copy machine maintenance, you may find the machine working better than when you received it from the manufacturer.

Knowledgeable Technicians

All our technicians are factory-trained in top sellers from the printing and copying industry. They apply this knowledge to each specific job to ensure successful repair work. Proper servicing also protects the machine’s warranty if it’s still within the covered period. Take comfort knowing that if there is a manufacturer defect, the warranty still applies regardless of any service performed by Tektoner. We only use manufacturer-approved parts to keep specifications as succinct as possible. Our repairmen undergo continuing education courses to stay on top of emerging printer technologies and evolving copy machine functionality.

Flexible Payment Plans

TEKTONER Office Solutions designed payment plans to work with almost any business’s budget. We accept monthly installments to keep up with preventive maintenance. Servicing a neglected machine will always cost more than just maintaining it with cleaning and adjustments.

Machine Forecasting Available

Allow our professionals to forecast your printing, copying and machine maintenance needs. We’ll help you find innovative ways to cut costs so you can redistribute revenue into other facets of your business. Between managed printing and smart maintenance, your office machines may not see much downtime in the next few years.

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